Monday, 17 January 2011

The Jeans' Vision

I am very much inspired by the fragrance adverts for Jean Paul Gaultier, directed by Jean Baptiste Mondino. The pieces for Le Male and Classique have become a campaign in themselves. What is noticeable about his works are the male and female versions of each commercial, discussing each gender with a similar set of working rules.

2010 advert - I enjoy how this gives an almost different perspective- that of the man and then the woman. We can see the structure is the same, just a different spin.

This older commercial, combines the two fragrances. It has a short narrative in which the supposedly male character enters the back room of the bar only to be revealed as a woman. There could be connotations of homosexuality within the commercial, with the figure entering initially looking like a man (perhaps even being a man- as we can see from his shape) and then converting into a woman when coming face to face with the second character.There are the stereotypical images of homosexuality in the sailor wear, tight stripy shirts with rippling biceps.

Perhaps the narrative is discussing a man longing for his female companion... and visualising her in a male friend/colleague?

Overall the piece is drawing together the male and female elements of the brand. Something for me to definitely consider in the exploring of Ted Baker's collection.

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