Monday, 17 January 2011

My love for perfume commercials

I am currently approaching a project for a Ted Baker brief involving the promotion of a fragrance or eyewear range etc. As I am very keen on moving image, particularly in fragrance promotion, here are a selection of my favourite extended adverts.

I thoroughly enjoy the Paco Rabanne ad by Paul Gore, for the aesthetics but also the humour- very relevant to Ted Baker.

Love the passionate deep midnight blues that reflect the name of the fragrance. The dramatic sound of Muse combined with the lavish costumes, brings a real theatric element to the narrative.

I love this Nina L'Elixir ad for the brilliant scenery and colour scheme. Directed by Nez.

There is a such a soft feminine style to this piece- there isn't much in the way of narrative but the general effects and atmosphere really interest me. It reminds me of various pieces by Tim Walker and his soft, natural style.

Piece by Tim Walker- love the glow from the sunshine over the field of flowers.

Very sweet visual sequence, capturing the girlie-ness of Paris. Directed by one of my favourites, Sofia Coppola.

A very popular advert at the moment is the piece for Chanel No. 5 featuring the French actress of the moment, Audrey Tautou. It includes such a warming filter and rich visuals combined with the thick tones of Billie Holiday for the audio. Brought to us by the director of Amelie.

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