Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Things to look forward to in 2011...

1. The Jan/ Feb Birthday Season: After the thrill of Christmas and New Year has gone, my friends and I are lucky to have the majority of our birthdays falling in the months of Jan and Feb- our very own little party season.

2. Running! I never thought I would be doing this but I am determined to shape up so from this week the boyf and I are taking up running/ jogging/ very fast walking- whatever you'd like to call it, around the streets of Bath...

3. The Possibility of a 4th Lacock Easter: Easter season is coming around again and there is the chance I will be asked to work that daunting weekend- thousands of Cadburys eggs are distributed across the country at various NT properties... and the little darlings come flocking to claim their trail and CHOCOLATE!

4. Eurovision Parties! Ahh, what a guilty pleasure! But it is also such great fun, especially if you and your friends each claim a country, support them throughout the night (no matter how dreadful the song) and feast on their nation's delicacies. Last year I was France so there was much red wine and baguette being consumed... and thrown all over the carpet!

Wine Tip: If you have spilt an ungodly amount of wine on the floor DO NOT BLOT OR SCRUB- empty the contents of your salt container on it, leave it over night and have a mass hoover in the morning. And BANG the dirt is gone!

5. Uni- fini: Yup, by June this year I will have officially finished my degree! It is a very pleasing thought in many ways but also damn right scary! I need to get the projects moving!!!!

6. Kefalonia! So the big holiday this year is an adventure to another Greek Island. I cannot wait! We have already started planning our various expeditions including taking a peek at the local sea turtles!

More to come- for now I am off to work!

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  1. what a nice post. also made me chuckle. i hope i can make the eurovison fun times this year! xxx