Monday, 26 April 2010

A Battle with Type

Within these posters I am embarking on a representation of a musical piece... in the form of type.

Now type has never been an interest in mine so I aimed to mould the brief to my liking. I created the type from blue card and tried photographing in various locations.

This first image involved floating the lettering in water. I really liked the combination of blue and cream not to mention the reflection of the window above.

I went on to move the lettering into a window that had a very lovely frame. These images are various experiments within this location. I set the wording up backwards in the window frame and reflected them in a circular mirror. This process is continuing the theme of water.

I love the soft feel to this shot. Despite the fact there is a wall and piping in the background, I think this adds to the overall image- also in a fun way, again, the idea of water!

For these particular images I still need to work in the informative text at the bottom.

An extremely edited version that I am beginning to like less than the others. I do appreciate the feel of underwater that it exudes but I believe the others have a better quality.

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