Monday, 26 April 2010

Rolling Revolver

An alternate type version The Beatles Revolver cover.
Again, completely out of my comfort zone but it was fun working with a structured format.

For my idea I am using 4 elements that I have identified from the image:
The various costumes and the characters the bandmates are creating,
The very natural elements such as the hair and limbs
The moods of the faces- their expressions and the feeling being evoked
The surreal elements such as the changes in scale and the general atmosphere.

What my design plays on mostly is ADJECTIVES and whimsical descriptions. I was very much inspired by the theatrical elements of the cover so this was my main stem.

The reason for the circular elements is obviously the 'revolver' idea and (in particular with the 4 circle designs) I wanted to draw the eye around reflecting the nature of the original.

The four circle designs seem to work better with the descriptions as they reflect the four heads/ band mates and the four elements I have selected- one circle per theme.


  1. The top ones are ace Joanna! Love this project :)

  2. woah so many variations! which was your final one? pretty impressive i think .