Monday, 26 April 2010

Inspiration Revival

So throughout my second year I have been feeling a little defeated. After my mediocre 2:1 score after semester 3 I was craving the good old days of year 1, the exciting group animation project, chasing the sun for our picturesque film submission and running amok in a National Trust garden for Re:live! Perhaps it is me missing the summer but it was also the fact that along with the hard work for these projects, came the good marks. It was all so enjoyable and rewarding and was the time I really felt I was in the right place.

Fast forward to Christmas 09/10 and I seem to have lapsed into my old ways. Don't get me wrong- a couple of my films were rather successful but in comparison to a range of good projects last year, I had but two that really were something to be proud of...

SO, it is time to reconnect with my working skills- feel positive again about the semester and projects ahead.

Below I have compiled a number of sketchbook entries which seemed to be a winner last year. I absolutely LOVE working in sketchbooks and creating mood boards per page. I feel I need to return to this joyous way of working- if it is going to assist in a great final outcome.

Some pages from an animation project I contributed to. Below are some of the illustrated elements that I was responsible for, including the flapping butterfly and the moving, faceless lady.

After animating, I compiled my used items in a sketchbook to assist in demonstrating the process.

Dream Adventures
If you are familiar with my blog you may have seen the Journey piece which consisted of 10 fantasy-like photographs that reflected my 'dream adventures'. Below are a couple of my favourite pages from the accompanying sketchbook. I love capturing a vision of a photograph with drawings/ paints and snippet photos of locations or costume. This project was as much about the costumes as the photography so (if you can glimpse below) I carefully planned an outfit and photographed them for each setting.

Occasionally I would add colour and even fabric samples to the page- demonstrating the feel I was hoping to represent. There would also be the odd garment inspiration from fashion mags!

And finally, a couple of images from my beloved film sketchbook. This became my pride and joy last year as I was so passionate about the subject. What I did do a lot of is the collecting of existing film inspiration. Now this approach may be frowned upon this year (the idea of 'collecting') but at the time and place, it was very appropriate and was great fun to do.

Looking back at these images I really don't know where I found the time. Everything this year seems so rushed and definitely not my style... perhaps I could come to a compromise continue with this sketchbook style within the current projects... maybe less '6th form-esque' annotating though!


  1. happy to find your blog. hope you stop by and say hello. x

    happy weekend.

  2. Sorry I took so long to see your comment, i've had a look at your fab blog and am now a firm follower :D Thanks for taking a look! Come back soon! xx