Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Two Shots

Intro to photography techniques, aim was to produce one candid shot and one in the form of a set up.

The first shot was unplanned and extremely spontaneous. I was on a return train journey from Cardiff, desperate to find a great shot when I started playing the shapes of the person sitting next to me and how they framed the girl opposite. Was extremely pleased with the outcome.

The second was my planned set up - the location; my bedroom window where beautiful, glowing sunlight flooded through. My model Vanessa has something rather lovely and serene about her and so I wanted to reflect this with the white, soft dress and the other blue garment floating near by.

It has a lovely 1920s dressing room feel about it.


  1. Great post, excellent blog I love your writing style.

    how to ollie

  2. you have really good SKILLZ in photography joanna, must be the fashion influence - the colour and composition always works so well