Monday, 14 March 2011

The Ted Shoot: PART 2 - Lighting Play

So when on location at Lacock I set myself the task of taking some stills to accompany the film. Unfortunately, with my basic knowledge, I just wasn't getting the hang of the studio equipment. In the end we decided to scrap the stills but there were a few testers I rather liked.

These shots were taken one afternoon in my flat, to experiment with the cake scene. I get lovely lighting through the large windows, so I upped the exposure even more and went for some really white, pure images. I knew those stale macaroons would come in handy!

By the time I got the model in, the light was too low and my tungsten lamp had actually blown! So I wasn't very pleased with the outcomes. However I used this shot to have a play with photoshop and I think it looks rather interesting.

The following are from the night 'letter' scenes. I used the tungsten light to give a golden glow, really love the effect it has in stills but yet to see the result in moving image.

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