Monday, 19 April 2010

Playing Dress Up

An experiment with photography and editing.

Here, I am exploring the garments in my wardrobe. After collating the items I own, I started to notice trends.

I very much enjoy fashion and styling and believed the most appropriate way to represent my findings was with a feminine and surreal shoot that incorporates the styles I identified.

These being
Romantic and light
Monochromes and theatrical garments
1920/40s period looking garments
Doll like

I transferred these ideas onto the figure creating characters with the clothes. I named them- in a similar manner to fashion spreads/ look guides:

Fancy Free (casual)
English Romance (Romantic)
All That Jazz (period pieces)
Starlet of the Seven Seas (Nautical)
Dolly Mixture (doll)

Below is the image in the context of a type poster- this list the garments very simply within their style section.

Below are each original shots I took of the characters. It was with the mask tool on Photoshop that I merged them into the same image.
Fancy Free

English Romance (slightly different pose used in the final composition)

Parisian Theatrics

All That Jazz

Starlet of the Seven Seas

Dolly Mixture

Model: Ella Beeson

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