Sunday, 18 April 2010

Frankly my dear... it is my new film passion

So, over my Easter break I discovered a new passion and inspiration- Gone with the Wind. I really don't understand why I haven't seen this before- it really blew me away. Despite the story being a sad and difficult one I was totally mesmerised by the way the film was constructed and the performance of Vivien Leigh .

For me, the film seemed to expand into 4 'acts'- (I think it is really intended to be viewed in 2) but there is just such a different feel to each section.

Initially we see Scarlett as a very innocent Southern Belle who believes that she can have the man of her affections- despite him being engaged.

To make him jealous she marries another man, the rather drippy Charles- he is killed in the American Civil War.

Early Scarlett- lovely, rosy and carefree

As we pass from what I call act 1- to act 2, War is sweeping South and Scarlett assists in the hospital effort. She also helps her rival in love, the sweet Melanie, across the countryside with her new born baby.

Shot of Scarlett running amongst the evacuation of Atlanta. Dirty and sweaty but still elegant.

Moving into what I consider act 3, the war is declared over and Scarlett works to keep her family home running, however with no money she manages to charm her sisters beloved into marrying her instead. It is here we see another persona emerge after the innocent flirt and the war stricken 'nurse'. She is now a business woman.

Another change of appearance as Scarlett becomes practical and shrewd in the business world.

After the death of husband number two Scarlett finally marries Rhett, more for enjoyment and luxury than love. In act 4, she is pampered and spoilt.

Scarlett hand in hand with Rhett and now a rich woman

The shot below reflects when Scarlett becomes throughly dislikable. It is actually after the birth of their daughter (who Rhett adores.) We see her almost resenting Rhett and still craving the other man of her affections (Ashley- who in my opinion is BORING and MING!)
So, yes I start to get pee'd off with her right about now.

Scarlett pampered and a new mother

I love this shot here purely for Bonnie's cute little outfit and the adorable kitten nuzzled between them. It is also one of the few moments we see Scarlett's love for Bonnie .

So in general it is a very sad film and in the end you feel Scarlett gets what she deserves (with Rhett leaving her) but you also crave for them to be together because of their chemistry.

I love how this film has been done and one of my favourite elements is the contrast between these two scenes that have identical staging.

1. Scarlett is keen and jittery in this scene- desperate to attend the BBQ, see Ashley and flirt with the local men.

2. This one here shows Scarlett as a woman- still with the assistance of Mammy but unhappy and in this scene desperate to return to her 18 inch waist after having Bonnie.
Great use of shots- same positioning etc but showing a completely different life. I really like the contrast between the small bed frame at Tara and the large stone one in her new mansion with Rhett.


The costumes in this are lovely and below are some of my personal favourites.
Scarlett's burgundy and white, short sleeved dress- has beautiful striped detail running through the textured white fabric.

Scarlett's slender blue and white outfit with matching parasol. It is reflecting her wealth and is such a lovely soft combination of colours.

Scarlett's name sake in the form of this slinky night gown. Very reflective of the scene in which Rhett tells her what she is REALLY like.

So many beautiful moments and fabulous costumes. This is definitely one i'll be buying for the collection. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Favourite quotes:

Rhett: " need kissing and badly... you should be kissed and often by someone who knows how."

Rhett "Cats are better mothers than you are!"

Rhett: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Rhett: "What are you thinking Scarlett?"
Scarlett: "I'm thinking about how rich we are!"

It is brilliant for screencaps, in particular Gone with the Wind. Get a feel for many films here.

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