Saturday, 7 April 2012

Miss Watson gets all the best shoots

Throughout my years of sourcing inspirational imagery, compiling mood boards and filling sketchbooks, one face keeps cropping up... 

Some of the most magical and theatrical shots have Emma Watson at their heart. For me personally, I think it is her quintessentially British charm that so many stylists and photographers are drawn to. I am a huge lover of all things English paired with theatrics and beautiful settings. 

Pre 'chop' Emma Watson had a very classical look about her, which leant itself perfectly to shots such as these:


Amazing shots and set-ups from Norman Jean Roy. Editorial for Teen Vogue.

This one makes me smile as the red dress is very reminiscent of Hermione in 'Deathly Hallows 1'

Ellen Von Unwerth is another emerging favourite of mine...

Presently, with her much more edgy look, the editorial style has somewhat changed. I don't favour it AS much, but you can't deny - she is still damn photogenic!

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