Thursday, 7 October 2010

This is our Lyra

So we had a rather lovely summer project to respond to something we had read- going beyond the title.

As I indulged myself in some classics whilst on holiday in Rhodes I decided to produce my response around the brilliant Phillip Pullman novel, 'The Amber Spyglass'.

The third in the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy follows young Lyra and Will as they continue on their journey and make a detour through the Land of the Dead. There is just SO much imagery created from the pages of this book:

Magical worlds
Strange creatures
Golden light
Baron landscapes
Dusty villages
Eerie ghosts
Machinery and electronics...

My response took me back to my love of set-ups/ styling and the general enjoyment of making images.

I once again relied heavily on my favourite model- Ella.

I am currently working on a very short animation focusing on the scene in which Lyra almost falls into the abyss...

I am also going to integrate the characters of Will, Mrs Coulter and the daemons into the series.

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