Monday, 1 February 2010

Walking Hand in Hand with Childhood

Approaching the idea of memories and reliving something, capturing the sights, feelings, senses... For me personally it was about revisiting a childhood home at the age of 21 and once setting sight on the locations and landscapes I could completely relive my days of playing and exploring.

The piece shows an indivdual (based on myself) who is wondering through beautiful and sunny surroundings. The doll is representing the 'childhood' element that re-introduced itself to me on my day of revisiting.

Another project where a moving image outcome was produced. I do love the visuals of this piece however not as much as Air Castles- it has something rather quirky about it and of course it is capturing a memory and evoking a feeling.

As you will probably agree the audio editing really needs a lot of work but I feel the main purpose is there. My sound editing skills have improved greatly since. Mainly due to my increasing understanding of Final Cut. This one was produced rather rapidly with the use of IMovie 08 (which is notoriously lacking in key editing components) and some very shoddyretouching (on my part) using Logic.
Type piece to accompany film- wish the colours were more in keeping with those in the animation however I love how they really pop.
I created the felt myself with wool, washing up liquid and lots of water. I then went about creating the colour pattern and lettering.
Adding to the atmosphere of imagination, summer days and childhood.

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