Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Step Back in Time

A real passion of mine is past decades- their styles, sights and events. I absolutely love the looks of the 1940s and in this range I was delving into a different era with my photography.

It is a very short experiement with props/ fashion/ locations and aged aesthetics for the representation of a person and village in WW2.

Even though the likes of air raids/ land girls and rationing is not present I am just picking up on a general look and feel with the images, more of an experiement in creating the past out of the present.

I am highly inspired by period pieces and in a way i've dabbled in the creation.


  1. jo-i had to reread what you wrote in this blog entry a few times, these are actually photos you took ??? i couldn't believe it! these are amazing! you've caught the look and feel of the era flawlessly!
    -vanessa (on my first year blog!)

  2. Really do you think so?!?! :D Yes, sorry I don't sound very clear in that entry- just reread it myself and I gabbled a lot! Thank you very much my dear. I absolutely love anything from this era. I really want to try some 20s style studio photography too! That could be fun xxxx